We welcome you to the world of Topcer Porcelain tiles, where unique sizes, shapes, textures and finishing pieces allow their never ending use in all sorts of wall and floor areas, especially the very demanding ones where requirements have very high standards such as: high-breaking strength, resistance to wear, non-slip properties, acid and frost resistance.

In addition to the lifetime durability of Topcer tiles, is the beauty and charm of the Victorian era, with more than 60 "Victorian Designs and Borders" mesh mounted for speedy and accurate flooring installations in museums, churches, mosques, hotels, bars, restaurants, residential houses and restorations of historical buildings.

Topcer is fully committed to being an environmentally friendly company through the practice of a strict policy as a contribution for the environmental sustainability. Topcer is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Mr. Carlos Rodrigues Miguel